Macron wants French to languages create

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PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron has big ambitions for the French language. On the day of the Francophonie history he was in the Academy Française, a plan to the language leading in the world.

Emmanuel Macron

The plan of Macron to “learning, communication and creation” in French to promote, is not limited to the French-speaking countries, especially in Africa. Also the ambassadors for the English-speaking countries like Ghana and Nigeria are invited to use the speech to attend.

The Elysée says, according to French media, to strive for a world in which multiple languages play a key role. But during a speech in Burkina Faso, said Macron earlier that the French “is the number one language in Africa can be… and maybe even in the world.”

Sixth language

French is the sixth language in the world. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken followed by English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic. In 2050, speaking to an estimated 700 million people French, of whom 80 percent in Africa live.

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