Lee Towers is a ’little quiet’ of Lee Towers

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Lee Towers is a huge honor that in Rotterdam two residential towers to be named. “It’s still just a little quiet,” responds the singer.

“Who does this well? These are things where you can’t even dream of.” The idea for Lee Towers in Rotterdam comes from Arjen Well, the singer in his famous voorstelvideo for the American president Donald Trump compared it to the Trump Towers. “We are contribution not forget,” Lee says about Arjen.

Well call yourself the advent of the Lee Towers “great.” “Now we care not only for floor but also for floors. I congratulate Lee and the Towers, of course, in particular.”

To be sober

Now its name from the former office towers, is connected, remains Lee, the project closely. “My name stands for quality. I have always had top quality service, for example, with my gala’s, let that same quality to the residential towers to connect to.”

How Lee left his mark on the towers at Marconiplein going to press, is not yet known. Gold are the tower blocks certainly not. “It should in any case not pompous,” says the singer, who invariably with a golden microphone on the stage. “We are in Rotterdam, much too sober for this.”

Lee is still not of the plan itself in one of the Lee Towers to go live. “It is still not a topic of conversation. There will thousands of people, imagine that I do every day with someone on the coffee”, quips he. “But never say never.”

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