Latest football boots, Johan Cruyff Saturday sold

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The latest football shoes that Johan Cruyff in his life wore, Saturday sold.

The latest football boots of Johan Cruyff will be Saturday sold.

The proceeds are for the Sunday Foundation, which advocates for the most disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone. “He would this well have found”, says Sander de Kramer of the respective foundation. “Johan was very concerned with the fate of these children.”

It is literally to Cruijffs latest football boots. Not the last in his active career, but the last in his life. “He has not so crazy long for his death is still a game played on it,” says Kramer. “Somewhere in Spain, between two teams of veterans. You can the print of his feet are still there.”

Possible knew the legendary number 14 during that contest that he has a serious illness suffering. Cruyff passed away two years ago, in march 2016. Friday, anyone can join the bidding on

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