Kremlin airy about lack congratulations Trump

0538ed234e215b9066385455d34050ae - Kremlin airy about lack congratulations Trump

MOSCOW – Russian president Vladimir Putin finds it not in insult to his American ambtsgenoot Donald Trump has not called to congratulate him on his re-election. “We do not see this as an unfriendly gesture”, said his spokesperson, which stressed that Russia remains open to improving relations with the US. “It is not necessary to exaggerate.”

Putin and Trump during a meeting in the Vietnamese Danang in 2017.

The spokesperson alluded, however, that there’s still time for a telegram to send or call. “Tomorrow is another day.”

Many foreign leaders have Putin all congratulations on his victory. He took Sunday, 77 percent of the votes.

The White House said Monday that the victory is not surprising, and that Trump did not intend to call.

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