Kim Dotcom wants Obama hearing in Megaupload case

636a7c5bd5c8a09ac708d733ab55cd8b - Kim Dotcom wants Obama hearing in Megaupload case

WELLINGTON – internet Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wants the American ex-president Barack Obama heard in the schadezaak around his company Megaupload. That should happen if Obama this week New Zealand already visit. Dotcom requires about 10 billion dollars of the New Zealand and American authorities because his company say it is broken. Also, is his freedom for seven years already restricted.

Barack Obama

Megaupload, a service where users files in the cloud could save, was in 2012 at the request of the United States addressed. The company would be on a large scale copyright violation and also be used to launder money. The of German origin Dotcom and the other managers of Megaupload, including a Dutch national, were arrested.

Dotcom has had his extradition to the US until now successfully challenged. According to him, the case against him politically motivated. “The Obama administration had of Hollywood tougher action against copyright infringement. We were the perfect victim: successful, in the attention and outside of the US.”

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