Kathleen Van Brempt grabs in addition to fractieleiderschap

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The German Udo Bullmann, and not the Kathleen Van Brempt, is the new leader of the social democrats in the European Parliament.

The 188 Meps of the socialist group S&D tonight, their new leader is chosen after the departure of the Italian Gianni pittella lapse. They had the choice between Kathleen Van Brempt and the German, Udo Bullmann (61).

‘Congratulations on the fractieleiderschap. I look forward to working closely together”, let Van Brempt via Twitter know. “I trust that our group can make a difference.’


Content include the two to the left wing of the S&D. Van Brempt (48) opted for the short campaign, therefore, the slogan ‘Dare to change – dare to change. In its contacts with the different national delegations, she promised more openness and transparency in the functioning of the group. There also have elected representatives from smaller member states feel that there is not really listened to and that the major countries of the sheets to hand out.

The advantage of the SP.A’star said that she is (already played it) and Bullmann, a German is – some find it enough of it with the German dominance within the European institutions.

Still, it was Bullmann, the pronounced favorite, if only because he’ll may come from the support of the 26 German SPD-elected. According to El Pais, would the 13 Spanish socialist elected officials in the block for Bullmann votes.

Double-edged sword

Here and there, is to hear that Van Brempt decided to take the plunge to its position within the SP.A strengthen with regard to the elections of next year. It has the ambition to after 2019 to remain active in the European Parliament, but the party-leadership is determined to bring new faces to launch, and offers her no guarantees.

Others deny that they are therefore candidate, and indicate that it is a double-edged sword: if Van Brempt tonight bad score, may that its position also weaken.

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