Kaj Gorgels buys his first house

8fffab0ed0876cd2b0d1f7616b224cca - Kaj Gorgels buys his first house

Vlogger and TV presenter Kaj Gorgels in Rotterdam are the first townhouse on the head tapped.

Kaj Gorgels

The finalist of Expedition Robinson and co-presenter of SOS My holiday is a hell, touch down in a duplex apartment in an authentic stadsherenhuis of 105 square metres. In this historic building are the stained-glass windows and plafondlijsten preserved and there are French doors to the balcony.

The asking price was 289.500 euro, but there it is Kaj, a little above sit down, because he paid eventually, 295.000 euros. In contrary to some other vloggers he paid not with his own money, but with a mortgage of four tons.

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