Jamai scared of fuss to the new album

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Jamai Loman is shocked at the fuss that has arisen around his new album. Then sings the homosexual Jamai aware not about ’he’ or ’him’, what a commotion in the LGBT community.

“It has me pretty surprised. Everyone knows that I for men fall, I have also never difficult about done,” said Jamai in Peacock about all the commotion. “I’m shocked, because I no one wants to exclude the entire LGBT community about me cases.”

According to the singer plays his orientation is of no consequence. “It has nothing to do with that I’m ashamed of my homosexuality. I am fifteen years ago from the cabinet came, that was on every front page, I have my color has already been long known.”

Jamai wanted to appeal to everyone with his songs. “As a writer, I will always choose for you, never for he or she.” However, the singer admitted that he took into account criticism from the conservative corner. “I was afraid that I was in a certain corner would be taken as I in the he-form would write. I don’t want that. I am a musician, not an activist.”

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