IS conquering piece of Eastern Ghouta

1f94ae781688a2fca959fad401b9efdd - IS conquering piece of Eastern Ghouta

DAMASCUS – Extremists of Islamic State (IS) have their besieged strongholds in the Eastern Ghouta extended. With a surprise attack in the night from Monday on Tuesday, a district about 5 kilometres south of the centre of Damascus conquered.

Archive photo for illustration.

Observers of the Syrian Observatory for human Rights reported that IS a piece of al-Qadam has taken. Dozens of regeringssoldaten are killed and many others captured and allegedly executed. IS has images spread dozens of corpses in al-Qadam.

Syrian government forces besiege for years, a number of strongholds in the region of Eastern Ghouta, which is in the grip of mainly jihadists. IS a piece of approximately 4 by 4 km to the south of Damascus into the hands.

Other jihadists have areas at the northeast edge of the city in the hands. They have, according to the Syrian authorities Tuesday, rockets fired at a market in Damascus. As a result, approximately 35 citizens to the life and dozens wounded.

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