Ilse DeLange hopes on spin-off Nashville

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Acting tastes for Ilse DeLange. The singer hopes “very much” on a spin-off of the American series Nashville, in which she made her acting debut made.

“It is the last season, so I’m sitting there at the last moment,” replied Ilse in The World Running By when presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk asked her if there is a sequel. “I hope very much a spin-off, but I’m not.”

Ilse was last month for the first time to see in the American series, in which she was a member of the jury of a talent show playing. “I was sitting on the edge of my bed to myself.”


On the set of Nashville is the singer arranged a good friend. Also, Jake Etheridge, a member of The Common Linnets, has a role in the series. “That is separate from each other so walked. I see him every time I go there, go. He’s quite busy with it.”

Also the other members of The Common Linnets are busy with new projects. So is Ilse coming soon for the first time in almost five years with a new solo album. “But The Common Linnets are in my heart and will never get out.”

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