Homodiscussie Jamai leads to a quarrel between Cornald and Beau

bcae93bf6f1015c825c4d7f625aaa328 - Homodiscussie Jamai leads to a quarrel between Cornald and Beau

Beau van Erven Dorens and Cornald Maas have on quite well with each other to the pole. Reason for the fittie is the criticism that Cornald had on the new album of Jamai Loman, in which the singer and his homosexuality would not let them in fully. Beau jumps for the former Idols-winner comes to the rescue and says that the AVROTROS-presenter itself, not with other people’s affairs should interfere.

Beau van Erven Dorens (l.), Cornald Maas

“That Cornald Maas, who moraalpolitie! Those people who are on Twitter saying: ’So must the life in each other.” Let the boy enjoy his course!”, snorted Beau Monday night on RTL. Then improvised, he just a piece of text, which he thought Cornald however, could appreciate: “Hey, hey, hey, give me your cock. I want you to have. Something like that, maybe? What is this? Don ” t interfere with your own business!”

This morning grip Cornald Twitter to react to the excesses of Beau. “Such a Beau van Erven Dorens – that others’ reproach ‘moraalpolitie’ – seems to me that in his case a gotspe. And that is not (sufficiently) informed for ie something like that uitkraamt.” This was for Beau reason to reopen his gal on the songfestivalcommentator to spit. Such a Cornald Maas, who jongensvernietiger Job G. defends and in the meantime, Jamai tells the story of how he gays need to emancipate. That is a gotspe.”

Cornald was, according quick to the allegation of Beau to speak. “I have nothing to say about Job G. I don’t understand where you get this awesome gossip comes from. Behave yourself.”

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