Hit ‘seriebommenlegger’ again in Texas?

6377f386a6963276effe19c803b46392 - Hit ‘seriebommenlegger’ again in Texas?

With an explosion in the Us state of Texas on Tuesday, someone got hurt, as have several U.s. media reported. It is already the fifth bomb this month exploded near the city of Austin, and the police suspect a connection between the various cases.

An employee of the courier company FedEx in Schertz, southwest of the city of Austin and northeast of San Antonio, got injuries when a bomb shortly after midnight local time, went off.

The explosive was in a box with nails and pieces of metal. The package was destined for an address in Austin.

It is since 2 march the fifth bomb that in Texas sounds. The previous four bombs were two victims and four wounded.

The local police fear that there is a ‘seriebommenlegger’ at work. There was already a public call was made for the offender to contact us and tell what his requirements are.

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