Heather Locklear must be longer in rehab stay

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Heather Locklear should the rehab is not yet abandoned. The 56-year-old actress, who since the beginning of march is included, remains in treatment for her addictions.

Heather Locklear must be met before, at her bottle of water to keep

Locklear might be initially a month to be recorded, but the treatment period is extended. “Heather has now already for two months of rehabilitation paid”, say sources tell Radar Online. The cost for its inclusion would have increased to 144.000 dollar.

The Melrose Place star was at the end of February arrested for domestic violence and maltreatment of an agent. They had a big quarrel with her boyfriend, and when agents of her tried to hold it, she began to kick and save. At the police station threatened them to agents. Locklear and her boyfriend would be at the time of the quarrel been drunk.

Earlier it was announced that the actress will not be prosecuted for domestic violence. Is her mistreatment of an agent and resistance at arrest charged with.

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