Hawking gets a grave next to Isaac Newton

b4533a17ac90f94a16f089858bbc2336 - Hawking gets a grave next to Isaac Newton

The funeral of the British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking will take place on 31st march in Cambridge. His ashes will later be interred in Westminster Abbey, next to Isaac Newton

That his children Tuesday reported. The scientist lived and taught for more than 50 years in the city. He died there on 14 march in his home at the age of 76. ‘Cambridge was the city where he loved and who also loved him, ” says Hawkings children.

The funeral service in a closed circle will, on Saturday, to take place in the church of Great St Mary’s of the university. The service is both inclusive and traditional, and will the importance and the diversity of his life to celebrate’. After the service, also in a closed circle, a reception will be held.

Yet on Tuesday, reported a spokesperson from Westminster Abbey, in London, that the axis of Hawking there interred, and it will be next to Isaac Newton, another giant of the science. When that will happen was not disclosed.

The honor of burial in Westminster Abbey is reserved for the eldest. In Westminster Abbey to rest except the kings and queens are also some of the greatest British. “It is entirely appropriate that the mortal remains of professor Hawking in the abbey to be buried, next to his famous fellow-scientists,” says dean John Hall in a press release. The blanket referred to Newton and Charles Darwin.

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