Governor of Mississippi signs abortuswet

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JACKSON – The governor of Mississippi has Monday put his signature under the strictest abortuswet in the US. In the state zwangerschapsonderbreking after fifteen weeks are now prohibited, with some exceptions. Republican Phil Bryant announced to be proud of this legislation. Pro-abortusactivisten go to court to challenge as unconstitutional.

Phil Bryant

“I feel obliged to Mississippi the safest place in America for the unborn child. This law helps to achieve the goal,” said Bryant. So far in the state, as well as in seventeen other, abortion is allowed up to 20 weeks after conception.

The U.s. supreme court legalized abortion in 1973, and gave women the right to decide for itself until the fetus is outside the womb to be viable is considered to be. In practice, the termination of a pregnancy is often difficult. In the new law of Mississippi is an exception made for serious defects in the fruit or medical need, but not if the woman is pregnant has been touched by rape or incest.

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