German police force is struggling with bills

a9ea37430b2c4f8690784d1cf0818fd2 - German police force is struggling with bills

DÜSSELDORF – The police force of the German state of North rhine-Westphalia is becoming known as a notorious wanbetaler. The corps is struggling with a huge payment arrears thanks to a new computer system that is not working properly.

According to German media wrestles the corps at this time with 23,000 for outstanding bills. There is now a special department was established for the reminders process.

’Is not itself a bucket of paint”

Many benzinepomphouder see with sadness how agents their tank fill, knowing that the payment of the bill is delayed. In a district to have two doctors took blood tests terminated because they were not paid. Elsewhere got dienders not even a bucket of paint from the local hardware store due to non-payment.

,,This is damaging to the face of the police”, said the president of the police union.

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