FC Groningen let two leave

469a8e801f0fbdebb534ab0db0557c1a - FC Groningen let two leave

FC Groningen after this season, say goodbye Yoëll of Nieff, and Kasper Larsen.

Yoëll of Nieff leave FC Groningen after fourteen years.

Their expiring contracts are not renewed. Ajdin Hrustic is allowed to continue. The club has the option in his contract will be lifted, allowing the 21-year-old midfielder from Australia now until mid-2019 is fixed.

His Nieff (24) has been playing for fourteen years at FC Groningen, although he was in-between be lent out to FC Dordrecht and Excelsior. The linksbenige Groninger, who was also in the back from the feet can, was part of the team that in 2015 the KNVB-beker won. The Danish defender Larsen (25) is working on his third season with the northerners.

Kasper Larsen (r) may also be looking for another club.

The contract of the Belgian reservedoelman Kevin Begois (35) is extended automatically, wait he is still on his debut for Groningen. General director Hans Nijland has until may 1, the time to Gamba Osaka to let you know if he has the option to purchase on Ritsu Doan wants lights.

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