Fashion brand Products of Olcay Gülşen ask to file for bankruptcy

cdf97bc7a8e477ad840edce5c7e73c75 - Fashion brand Products of Olcay Gülşen ask to file for bankruptcy

Products, the fashion brand, established by Olcay Gülşen, has Tuesday its bankruptcy.

That tells the entrepreneur, and television personality in RTL Boulevard. “I am this morning from my bed, called a signature. I knew, of course, that’s bad.”

Previously got Gülşen already on as CEO of the company, to have more attention to devote to her work on the television. Would they be creative to stay connected to the fashion brand.

Gülşen cross the hand in his own bosom. “I’m not the best continuïteitsmanager shown. I am enthusiastic entrepreneur, good at creative thinking and idiosyncratic to a company to build. I am someone who likes a lot of balls in the air and now I’m clearly failed. I have not adequately enough to respond.”

She explains that the bankruptcy of its financial hits, because they are still a shareholder. “I have a lot of money invested. It is is my child, my life’s work.”

As possible, there will be a relaunch will take place. “About that, I go tomorrow in conversation, I hope.”

Who is the Mole

Gülşen, known from her participation in the Who is the Mole in which they have the final lost, took over in 2009, the brand Products and the clothing was in 24 countries and sold.

The company employs 125 workers. In 2017 the company is already in financial trouble, but was saved by a capital injection of a few million euros.


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