Farmer Seeks Wife: Manu in South Africa

4ca5df367ba264ee50c01c60e028e320 - Farmer Seeks Wife: Manu in South Africa

Manu moved 33 years ago with his father to South Africa, had for many years a career as a professional footballer and put there own successful construction company on its feet. On the coast of Cape town, he built a splendid villa for himself and his wife, Jennifer. When his wife passed four years ago, felt Manu the urge to have the stress and hustle and bustle of the big city to escape. He bought very impulsive, a large olive grove and knew immediately that this is his new passion would be. It took a few years for Manu the loss of his wife a place could give but now he is very happy to work with a new partner to enjoy life. Manu is an avid hedonist who likes to for a woman to make. He has everything he wants, but someone to be with him to enjoy the beauty of life, is still missing. He hopes to create a cheerful, upbeat woman to meet that has lots of fun in life, someone to get together, to sound at the end of the day.

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