Farmer Seeks Wife: Jeroen in Germany

63961ee2b05d82bd8e64b52af4eb4de1 - Farmer Seeks Wife: Jeroen in Germany

The parents of Jeroen decided almost twenty years ago at their farm in Eeklo, belgium in exchange for an impressive large farm with 1200 cows in Germany. It was a professional success story in which the children meanwhile play a major role. Sister Eline is mainly involved with the dairy cows, while Jeroen totally absorbed in the editing of the fields and the maintenance of the agricultural machinery. He does his job with passion but after the separation of his ever-working parents, he has realized that life is more than work alone. He dreams of a spirited Flemish woman who, together with him, everything wants out of life. A well-groomed lady who is understanding can muster for his work, but he also keeps to himself to the bone to work. Jeroen do it all no rock ’n ‘ roll. He dreams of a house-tree-animal-baby story. The reason for their love-nest is all ready to build on.

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