Farmer Seeks Wife: Bjorn in Canada

8fd3f48eb899493c193363eecc256db2 - Farmer Seeks Wife: Bjorn in Canada

When he was seven years old, emigrated Bjorn with his parents, brother and sister from Grobbendonk to Canada. His idealistic father and mother succeeded in their dream to be completely self-sufficient life and stomped the first-ever commercial honingwijnbedrijf out of the ground. Because the Canadian soil is not suitable for the cultivation of grapes, brewing wine based on honey, berries, and flowers. Bjorn is now chief winemaker. He feels after 20 years at home in Canada but he wants to prefer a Flemish woman to put together a future to build. Preferably a down to earth lady that is as crazy as he is on nature and adventure, like a lot of time outside spend and enjoy the basic things in life.

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