Excuses of producers, The Crown about the fuss

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Left Bank Pictures, the producers of the Netflix series The Crown, apologise to the protagonists for the controversy that has arisen in the media about their salarisverschil. “As producers, we are responsible for the salaries and the salary of colleagues, not the actors will be charged”, in the statement.

The Crown-starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith as king Elizabeth and prince Phillip.

Last week was a massive fuss when it turned out that Claire Foy, that queen Elizabeth played in the series, less was paid than Matt Smith, who played the role of her husband prince Philip suffered. Smith earned more because he was already known thanks to his role in Doctor Who, did the producers of The Crown earlier.

However, the producers decided that from now on the salary of the ’queen’ is corrected. Claire Foy has nothing more to, from the third season is Olivia Colman the majesty games.

The producers further say in the declaration that they the discussion, appreciate and are committed to equal treatment of men and women.

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