End to geheimhoudingsconctracten The Weinstein Company

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Film studio The Weinstein Company has Monday it has filed for bankruptcy. The company was at the bottom of the sexual abuse of executive Harvey Weinstein, which last fall came to light. Contracts that Harvey Weinstein are the victims showed signs confidentiality is to guarantee, are no longer valid.

Harvey Weinstein can now finally no longer silenced

That has his brother Bob Weinstein Monday, let you know at the announcement that The Weinstein Company has filed for bankruptcy. “Harvey Weinstein used geheimhoudingscontracten as a weapon to his accusers to silence, to force. These ’agreements’ are terminated with immediate effect,” said Bob, according to The Wrap.

In a statement from the company states: “No one should have to be afraid to tell his story to do because of threats. The company thanks all of the brave individuals who have entered into force. Your stories have a movement inspired for change has created in this country and the rest of the world.”

Turning point

The attorney general of the state of New York, which the movie studio and the two brothers personally condemns due to negligence around the abuse, calls the decision of the contracts to be invalid to make a turning point. “The commitment of The Weinstein Company to victims and witnesses of sexual misconduct to get rid of these restrictions, will finally have the sound that is far too long been silenced. This is a turning point in the battle to the devastating effects of sexual misconduct in the workplace brought to light.”

This is the lawsuit, of course, not of the job. “My team will stay during the faillissementsproces to work for the interests of the victims,” said the attorney-general. “We continue to work towards the goal that we have set when we started: to ensure that the victims are compensated, that workers are protected, and that perpetrators and those who allowed them here, not richer.”

’Disappointing information”

The studio was the last months searching for a buyer or investor. That seemed to be found when a inversteerdersgroep prepared was 500 million dollars to lay down for parts of the company, but the sale ricocheted start this month off due to ’adverse information’ in the boekonderzoek.

The Weinstein Company was founded in 2005 by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, after the brothers their studio Miramax had sold to Disney. The largest filmsuccessen of the studio were Django Unchained, The King’s Speech and Silver Linings Playbook. The company was also a producer of television shows like Project Runway and Marco Polo.

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