Ed Sheeran suffers from fertilized and produced

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It was such a romantic idea of Ed Sheeran: a church building for anyone who is looking for peace; with himself as the biggest need. But the smooth newt throws a spanner in the works.

Ed Sheeran

Many speculated that the church immediately the ideal wedding location for the superstar: intimate, with a limited number of places. Ed Sheeran had the plans a couple of weeks ago, plenty of time for the building to stand for any zomerbruiloft.

But whether that is still feasible? There is opposition to the plans by the people who by nature want to protect. One of them says: “Ed keeps no account with the local ecology. In addition, it is the habitat of the smooth newt.” It was on his land would be the greatest collection of rare species of animals and plants accommodate.

So, as demands of the population, there must be a thorough ecological research to be done. The chance is also big that building and wedding plans must defer.

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