Dost is ‘tired’ of stories that he is in Orange but can’t score

2d64ede2a1a3ac663c93b7722fef225e - Dost is 'tired' of stories that he is in Orange but can't score

Bas Dost wants this interlandperiode use to make it clear that he is also in the Dutch national team of the added value.

“I’m here with the idea that now I fucking want to show what I’m worth”, said the topschutter of Sporting Portugal on Tuesday prior to the training of Amber in the Zeister woods in conversation with FOX Sports.

“I do get a little tired of the story that I was in Portugal as much as score, and in the Dutch national team, nothing to bake. This is always concluded by the outside world.”

Dost cross, however, also have to play the hand in his own bosom. He admits that the seventeen races that he has so far for his country, played and in which he but one time accurate was not his happiest.

“They were certainly not. In the beginning of my interlandloopbaan I had to often do with games, to score and then I was a few times in the united. As it is, to date, been running for me in Orange.”


Dost has the feeling that there are better times coming and can not be out of balance by what the media all calls.

“Look, I don’t have to. I know that I am good in my skin and that I am ready to score goals. If you do that as a striker for being not doing, you have no lair performed. So does it work well once.”

The netherlands will play Friday in the Johan Cruijff Arena friendly against England, and is practicing three days later on Monday, also at the Stade de Genève against Portugal.

Coach Ronald Koeman gave Monday at his press conference to know that he is greatly going to rotate, so the chance is big that Dost in only one of the two confrontations in action.

“It makes me no difference what race I should play. Preferably of course both. It seems to me, however, nice to have at least a few minutes against Portugal to play, so I compared to my teammates at Sporting stand.”

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