‘Donald Trump, jr. had affair with singer Aubrey O’day’

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During the filming of Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 is there something blossomed between the singer Aubrey O’day and Donald Trump Jr. That claims The New York Post on the basis of three sources.

Earlier this week early Trumps wife Vanessa after thirteen years of separation. The two together have five children. During his alleged affair with Vanessa was pregnant with their fourth child. Trump worked with Celebrity Apprentice as an advisor on his father Donald Trump, who was the presenter of the program. O’day was one of the participants in the sterreneditie of the reality show.

According to the insider took Trump jr., the initiative for the relationship. “He was behind her. He told her that his marriage is already on the jump.” A second source says Trump jr. and his wife wanted to leave for O’day, but his father was opposed.

O’day was known as a member of Danity Kane, the group that Diddy put together in the tv show Making The Band. On the election night in 2016 with Donald senior, with the president disappearing, placed the singer a mysterious message on Twitter. In it she wrote “my story that I haven’t told is now worth millions.”

The source of The New York Post claims, however, that O’day sincerely was in love with Trump jr. and never plan to have been her story to sell.


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