Demi Lovato thought as a seven-year-old after suicide

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Singer Demi Lovato had as a seven year old girl with a fascination with death and was, at that age, for the first time, suicidal.

This revealed the singer with Dr. Phil.

“On my seventh, I already knew that if I put an end to my life, there would come to an end to the pain.”

The 25-year-old Lovato continues: “This thought came back when I was bullied, and later after that a few times back when I was struggling with depression and my bipolar disorder”. Also tells the singer about the period in which they themselves had cut off, to the point that her mother feared for her life.

She ended with encouraging words for her peers: “If you are thinking about suicide, talk about it with people, isolate yourself. Everyone on this planet is it worth to you to life.”


Lovato has been committed for mental health education and has several times publicly spoken about her bipolar.

Six years ago, the singer is treating in a rehab. Since then, she manages a alcohol – and drug-free life, and she turns to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. She is also one of the owners of rehab Cast Centers in Los Angeles.


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