Dating site for fans of Kanye West

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Fans of Kanye West can via a special site to site looking for other fans of the rapper to be dating. It is not clear whether Kanye something yourself with the platform.

Kanye West

Billboard discovered a number of announcements for Yeezy Dating on Instagram. It states, inter alia, that the dating site yet this month. The creators call the website in the announcement, ” a dating site for fans of the genius, mr. West.”

Not everyone can visit the site. Fans of Taylor Swift are not welcome on Yeezy Dating, so let the organization know. Kanye West has a long-running feud with the singer. That began in 2009 when Taylor award for best music video at the VMA’s won. While it has its fans, and to thank the organization, picked up the rapper with the microphone off of her to let you know that he thought Beyoncé the prize should have won.

Last year, the argument that high, when Kanye, in the song Famous on Taylor and had her a ’bitch’ called. The singer was angry, but Kanye claimed that they had agreed with the text. His wife Kim Kardashian posted the later recordings of a conversation in which Taylor agrees with the number, but from the snippet it is not clear whether Kanye her, the whole text has to be heard.

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