Crystal Film for a Deaf Child’s record

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Deaf Child, the movie director Alex de Round made about his deaf son, Tobias, has within three weeks, more than 10,000 visitors are drawn. The documentary is therefore awarded with a Crystal Film, the Netherlands Film Festival Tuesday known.

It is already the fourth Dutch documentary which since January 1, this status wins. Rather fell the honour of Nao ‘t Zuuje (on carnival), Wild and Wild City. Never before were so early in the year, so many documentaries with a Crystal Film to distinguish.

Deaf Child shows how Tobias his turn has found in life and himself, and determined not pathetic. By family movies shows Alex the Round, how his son with his handicap grows up. He maintains a close relationship with his older hearing brother, Joachim. It is not the first prize for the Deaf Child; rather, the film was also awarded the Audience award at the festival IDFA. The film is currently running in 28 movie theaters and cinemas. Earlier this week was also the first Gold Movie of this year issued; the war drama Banker of the Resistance drew within ten days more than a hundred thousand visitors.

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