Crisis in Slovakia: president refuses government

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BRATISLAVA – Slovakia is in a major political crisis ended after the death of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak. The president of the country, Andrej Kiska, has rejected the proposed new government was sworn in.

Andrej Kiska (right) was that Peter Pellegrini (left) as the new prime minister was elected without elections.

Prime minister Peter Pellegrini had with a new government coming up. He is seen as one of Robert Fico, who as prime minister and strong man of the country on the brink of collapse as anti-migratiepartij, but at the same time, a cunning politician appeared in Europe, where it mostly with the European ’elite’ meestemde.

Fico, still the party leader, stepped in after the murder of Kuciak and his girlfriend. The journalist wanted to soon publish about links between Italian mafia and Slovak politicians, including some from the entourage of Fico.

Here announced Robert Fico (left), the new prime minister Peter Pellegrini, who until that time deputy prime minister was and is regarded as confidant of Fico.

After Kuciaks death followed massive public protests in Slovakia. Protesters drape the corruption, for which the old government is held responsible. The new government would be from the same parties. There, president Kiska a stick to put, because he is such a government not up to the anger of protesters to take away.

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