Cambridge Analytica put CEO on non-active

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AMSTERDAM – The top management of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, by his employer on a non-active set. That reports news agency Bloomberg.

Alexander Nix.

Cambridge Analytica is under fire because of its role in the American elections. The company would, by devious means, through a friends company, the personal information of tens of millions of facebook users in the hands, to use for the campaign of Donald Trump.

There was an app developed with users meelas on Facebook, supposedly for scientific research. In fact, not only the data of the users of the app transferred, but also data about their facebook friends.

Spies and bribery

The bomb around the databedrijf burst thanks to a documentary by Channel 4 News. Therein scooped Nix – together with other bobo’s – on about the affect of hundreds of elections, in countries such as Argentina, Nigeria and the Czech republic. It would be ex-spies to be used as prostitutes. Also, there would be bribery in the game.

Cambridge Analytica says that Nix from his position is taken because of his statements in the documentary. “His allegations reflect our values and not work.”


Since the revelations, there is a lot of fuss around Cambridge Analytica, with the billionaire Robert Mercer a well known and Trump-minded financier. Also Facebook is by the rel under heavy fire. Mark Zuckerberg should be responsible in the European Parliament and of the shares of the company had plummeted on the stock exchange.

In an earlier article we laid out where the rel with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica exactly about. Here you can read all the ins and outs.

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