Buurtpolitie-actor in the cast

4ed862f297f3e98944631a89a9492551 - Buurtpolitie-actor in the cast

Bad luck for Souliman de Croock. The actor you see on weekdays as Aziz shine in the VTM-series Buurtpolitie but for now, the actor outside of battle. The actor put his foot on the stairs. “A stupid accident with large consequences”, it sounds. “On the stairs I have my foot wrapped. I am just on myself evil”, responds Souliman. “The result was that I Monday under the knife had now for a while in plaster lie. There are worse things in life but it is now a while we have. Pictures for The Buurtpolitie’re not right into it with the aid of crutches crooks including, it would be very incredible,” laughs Souliman.
We wish the actor a speedy recovery.

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