Beetle threatens Japanese iconic cherry blossom

622544fcbe51bd711ede6b731c9eb1d8 - Beetle threatens Japanese iconic cherry blossom

TOKYO – Japan enjoy, as every year, in almost a religious manner of the first cherry blossom, which is regarded as one of the trademarks of the country. But the cherry trees in the country are threatened by the invasion of a beetle that has arrived from the Asian mainland. The number of trees within a few years, are being decimated.

The opening of the first cherry blossom was last weekend formally announced by the Japanese meteorological institute.

Kind of boktor

The beetle aromia bungii is a kind of boktor and constitutes a major threat. “If nothing is done, I would be nothing surprising if the Japanese cherry trees all the way from extinction,” said an entomologist at the magazine Yukan Fujinews.

The beetle is normally in China and Mongolia, and has a penchant for cherry and peach trees. The bird drills holes in the trunk of the tree in order there to lay eggs. Japan feels compelled to infected trees to sheets for further dispersion to avoid.

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