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Barbie is a YouTube star

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Barbie has found a new job. In the vlog of the Hague Silliness makes them known items will create for the YouTube channel of former porn actors Peter Visser and her former ex Rolf Tangel.

“We miss one crazy,” says presenter Peter against Barbie and Rolf. The two were last Friday by the Hague Dr. Love reunited. They now work together to see Barbie. “I’m the craziest of The Hague, of course. I say no to. Tap ‘m to!” is her response. According to Peter Barbie positive items for Hague Silliness. “With a lot of love.”


In the herenigingsvlog with Rolf was Samantha the Young, what her real name is, quite candidly. So is she doing a book open about her leaked sekstape: “I have that porn is made,” she says. Rolf continues: “I got the blame for it! You would be desolate.” According to Barbie, that was not so. “I was in rehab and bored me.”

Hague Silliness

Hague Silliness is the YouTube channel of pornocameraman Peter Visser, known as Crazy Petertje, and Rolf Tangel, who as a porn actor, the name Swing Rolf used. That Rolf told that he was a porn star, was for Barbie is no obstacle. “I was like: ‘so kick!'” says the Hague blonde. “When we had a relationship, last year Easter.” For Hague Silliness to make the men a whole other carrièremove, each week they make a vlog where a good cause is central.

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