Australian (25) found dead in frozen lake Canada

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WHISTLER – The body of the 25-year-old Australian woman Alison Raspa is four months after her disappearance found in a partly frozen lake in Canada.

The woman from Perth, disappeared on 22 november after they visit was brought to a bar in the popular ski resort of Whistler. She lived and worked since the beginning of 2017 in the ski resort.

Her body was on Friday by passers-by in Alpha Lake noted. “The cause of death is not yet determined, though it seems there is currently nothing suspicious”, reports the police in a communication.

Raspa was last seen in a bar. They took around an hour to take a night bus back home, about 5 miles away. They would be her friends when messages have been sent that she was lost. The next day, her purse, coat and backpack found at the bus stop.

Her phone was later in Alpha Lake Park found. These different duikteams used until the lake started to freeze and the search was discontinued. Canadian media speculated at the time that the Australian hypothermic and thus confused was touched, and in the water would have fallen.

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