‘At Ajax, they know Doan also very good”

28ad2efc99b949a1903e11ba8c85e6a9 - 'At Ajax, they know Doan also very good"

Hans Nijland wants Ritsu Doan love in Groningen. The director intends to use the 19-year-old Japanese coming summer final take over of the Gamba Osaka.

Ritsu Doan seemed to FC Groningen against AZ to a point, but in stoppage time went on, the home team still with the victory at the results: 3-2.

“He is a jewel in the Premier league,” according to Nijland about the rented midfielder. “Of course we want Doan to retain for FC Groningen. That is not only on the basis of that goal against AZ last weekend, but because of the way he has the whole season already manifested. He already has seven goals to his name, is never injured and is always there. He is cheerful, enthusiastic, very balvast. Just a very attractive player.”

FC Groningen has the first right to purchase contained in the deal with Osaka. That option, however, should be for may 1, for an amount of approximately two million euro, will be exercised. The northerners have Doan than in addition, a contract with a significant (non-EU)salary submit. A complicating factor, so reports The daily Newspaper of the North.

“It would really be a pity if we have to let you go. That is emphatically not the intention. We have, in any case, pulling the strings in this. I do not make any statements about the exact amount that we need to transfer to Gamba Osaka, but in any case it is not so that we still have with an other party to have, even though I know they Doan at Ajax and Manchester City also know very well.”

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