“Also in the world cup there will be a discussion around the videoscheids’

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Heated discussions about an arbitration decision will be with the introduction of the videoscheidsrechter in the Eredivisie is not a thing of the past.

Danny Makkelie in The Cockpit.

But the help of a special arbitrator, who was behind tv screens, it has to be an end to critical mistakes on the football field. “The fans will make decisions always with a certain pair of glasses to review,” says Mike van der Roest, project manager Video Assistant Referee at the KNVB. “Errors will always remain, it will never succeed to set everything perfectly to get. But when the crucial decisions about whether or not a goal or a red card may soon be no more wrong.”

Get used

In recent seasons in cup matches, experimented with the videoscheidsrechter. The special arbitrator will be next season for all competitions in the Eredivisie is entered. Van der Roest, aware of the fact that people to the new situation, have to get used to. “There is now, for example, called the videoscheidsrechter had to intervene when a certain yellow card or a corner kick. But about that kind of moments he can not judge. There is, however, an important task for the coming time when the public at large. We will like mantra to keep repeating.”

The world cup may play a major role. For the first time, the videoscheidsrechters active in the most important football tournament in the world. “People can even more, get used to it. There will be at the world cup will also be times when we have discussions. But the acceptance will be wider.”

Box separately

According to Van der Roest is the role of videoscheidsrechter not for everyone. “It is a profession. You can also not just behind the screen. On the basis of the images you need as quickly as possible to take a decision and you must at the same time, also communicate with the referee on the field. But in the meanwhile the game by, so you should very quickly be able to switch. In addition, you must also be convinced that you make the correct decision.”

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