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Aircraft to dominate tv evening

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Many planes on tv tonight: the current affairs programmes will of course elaborate on the controversy about the F-16’s. But in addition, was VTM, a documentary on the life of our gevechtspiloten planned, and it shows Q2 is a film about the hijacking of United 93 on september 11, 2001.

  • Can anyone still follow? (VTM 20.35-21.40 hrs)

New comic panelshow full of scientific experiments, presented by Lieven Scheire. Lieven Scheire on tv, that in itself is a scientific experiment. Other than Scheire and creation looks this program especially to the future.

  • The Boston Strangler (Caz 20.40-22.45 hrs)

Caz, persisting in evil: every week, some excellent films programming. Think someone there that he for Canvas work or so? This thriller by Richard Fleischmann is very worthwhile, also because of the possessed rendition of Tony Curtis. All the recent movies about serial killers brought here the mustard. Some serial killers no doubt.

  • United 93 (Q2, 22.20-00.15 hours)

America, september 11, 2001. Four airplanes are hijacked by terrorists. Two of them bore into the WTC towers in New York, one crashes into the Pentagon in Washington. A fourth airplane, United 93, is also on his way to Washington. But the passengers want to prevent the hijackers reach their destination. Do not expect the pathetic heldenfilm, but a chilling and fatal drama.

  • F-16 (VTM 21.40-22.50 hours)

An exclusive insight into the life of F-16-gevechtspiloten at Kleine Brogel. With the blessing of the forces, so very little critical, but still many times better than Top Gun.

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