10-year-old Shane Kluivert takes pictures with fans ‘cool’

51a55e8e09bb1b8739f50602e59ec806 - 10-year-old Shane Kluivert takes pictures with fans 'cool'

Shane Kluivert, the 10-year-old son of former footballer Patrick Kluivert, thinks it’s nice that he is on the street in his hometown of Barcelona is regularly recognized. “I actually think it’s cool. Not only my father should be with everyone in the picture, I now also.”

Kluivert has his own vlogs, which hundreds of thousands of views pick up, does the youth academy at FC Barcelona and will be available on 28 march with a private cookbook. The 10-year-old tells The Telegraph that he is frequently asked if he is with people on the photo.

“That I, with my movies people happy should make, that’s great. Sometimes it is weird though, because I think: ‘Why they will me so much fun?”,” according to Kluivert.

The youngest son of Patrick and Rossana Kluivert finds it “funny” that he is with social media the whole world and that people are videos with other cooking tips. At home he cooks regularly, his parents found his cuisine delicious. “Yes, they say it is. But I always look to their board or that is empty and that is so. So I do believe that they really enjoy.”


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