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YouTuber Dylan Haegens gets her own movie

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YouTube sensation Dylan Haegens will get it’s own movie. The Film of Dylan Haegens is the first film about a Dutch YouTuber. Dylan himself plays the lead role.

Dylan Haegens and Just Film Distribution today announced that the film on August 16, will premiere in Dutch cinemas. The switch from YouTube to the silver screen, is also the directorial debut of YouTube star.

Dylan Haegens

“I think it’s really very cool that we are a real feature film. I am now 10 years old making videos on YouTube and this feels really as a milestone,” says Dylan. With 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, he is a household name in the world of Dutch social media. He manages the channels Dylanhaegens and TeamDylanHaegens. The young talent, calls himself not a vlogger; he writes namely sketches and works that out, which is just slightly more than a video diary.


Dylan began in 2008 with the upload of his first video’s. He acquired his familiarity with the popular top 10 , and cliffhanger-videos with his team-mates Teun Peters, Rick Vermeulen and his girlfriend Marit Brugman. “With the film we can even more extract for our viewers and to do things that normal on YouTube is not possible,” says the 25-year-old YouTuber. “I hope that the fans a great movie, but we have a lot of confidence.”


The scenario of The Film of Dylan Haegens is written by Michiel Peereboom and the direction is in the hands of Bas van Teylingen and Dylan Haegens itself. The recordings start at the end of april and the premiere is scheduled on August 16.

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