Years & Years singer Olly Alexander had orientation secret

b6f8e0c9218c90a648b85add64e8603c - Years & Years singer Olly Alexander had orientation secret

Olly Alexander, frontman of the British band Years & Years, is known as a passionate advocate of LGBT rights. But at the beginning of his career he was advised to have his sexual orientation a secret to keep.

During a speech he told how he and his band of media training received. “It’s no one with whom you share your bed? It is perhaps better to nothing at all about your sexuality to say it,” a trainer said.

But the first time that a journalist takes him to his sexual preference early on, he told us candidly that he is a homosexual. “I had to do this for my fifteen year old self, tell him that we are no longer hiding,” said Alexander.

The singer told that he suffered from anxiety disorders and depression because of his sexual orientation secret. The coming out of the closet, helped him with his psychological problems. He hopes that his story fellow sufferers can help.


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