‘Videoref makes Eredivisie fairer’

c64dc9bf09e067eda0cafd3e6504b378 - 'Videoref makes Eredivisie fairer'

With the introduction of the videoscheidsrechter next season is the Premier league fairer.

ric Gudde, director of professional football KNVB

The KNVB has been hard for the arrival of videoscheidsrechters at the highest level. “This is why we are so happy that we have next season can begin,” explains director of football Eric Gudde. “It makes football a lot fairer. That disclaim all figures. Therefore, it is also nice that the clubs unanimously for the coming of videoscheidsrechters have voted.”

e videoscheidsrechter next season, also be used from the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup, the battle for the Johan Cruijff Scale, and the play-offs for European football and the play-offs for promotion and relegation. Videoscheidsrechters will have next season 324 games from a special centre in Zeist follow.

The KNVB runs the first two seasons for the cost of the videoscheidsrechters which have been estimated to 1.7 million euros per year. The intention is that after this also the clubs contributions. The national football association experimented the past couple of seasons already with videoscheidsrechters who make decisions about goals, red cards and penalties. He should also assess whether the right player a card has been given.

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