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Video clip with vulva’s putting a Belgian film director on the map

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Charlotte Abramow is barely 24 years old, but the young Belgian let himself notice with video clips for Angèle and Georges Brassens. All can Youtube her feminist video for the late French singer, not flavors.

Georges Brassens set in 1972, a poem by Antoine Pol on music, about a man who, in the station waiting for the woman of his dreams the train. Almost forty years after the death of the French singer, there is now also a video clip for the song ‘Les passantes’, signed by the 24-year-old Charlotte Abramow.

The name of the young Belgian does on this side of the language border still not ring a bell, although there is a chance that you her work has already seen. They directed the two video clips of Angèle, the sister of Roméo Elvis: ‘La loi de Murphy’ and ‘Je veux tes jeux’.

In the French cultural scene is Abramow, that photography studied at the Paris-audiovisual school Gobelins, no longer an unknown. In 2014, she won the Picto prize for young fashion photography, a year later she was a finalist at Photo Folio Review Awards on the French photography festival Rencontres d’Arles.

Abramow was already kleinsaf in the back with a camera. ‘In high school, I organized all photo shoots with fellow students’, she told Madame Figaro. Central in her work is the female body. “When I was younger, I was too shy around boys to photograph. And I found it a challenge to get the female body to deseksualiseren.’

And that is just what she has done for the music video of ‘Les passantes’, that they themselves are an ode to the woman calls. The female body is extended in image, vulva’s are introduced by means of a plate of soup, a piece of salmon or a halved strawberry, and menstruation is brought to the screen with a brush and red paint. The video was launched on 8 march, International Women’s day.

In Youtube, they had to swallow when she the film were to see. But the decision to clip the label 18+, got so much criticism that the platform is on the steps came back.

“I don’t understand how the female body is offensive can be”, says Abramow. “I got this clip made to the spirits to open. But a vulva that is proposed on the basis of roots and red paint on a white pants was sufficient for censorship. That is sad.’

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