Two 9/11-heroes in quick succession, died of cancer

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NEW YORK – Ferry-captain Thomas Phelan (45), which on 11 september 2001, hundreds of people evacuated, Friday, died of cancer. Also firefighter Keith Young survived the 9/11-cancer’.

Thomas Phelan (left) and Keith Young.

The two were very likely ill due to the exposure to toxic substances after the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Phelan worked for the ferry which will take people to the Statue of liberty brought. When he on the 11th of september saw that it all went wrong, in Manhattan, where he continued to ferry in as a lifeboat and evacuated, he hundreds of people.

“He brought materials, rescue workers and was an important part of the operation”, writes the fire department of New York on Facebook. Phelan went on for two years after the attack to the battle with the fire brigade and then for the navy again on the water.

Thomas Phelan was placed in september this photo: “Look mom, views of the Lady Liberty! Thank you for the most amazing and patient mother on this planet. I love you!”

Response mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio has responded to the death of the well-known 9/11 hero. “In the darkest hours of our city saved the heroic Thomas Phelan hundreds of lives. We will have his service and sacrifice never be forgotten.”

The brandweerchef

Keith Young, who last week also died from the consequences of the 9/11-cancer, started in 1998 at the fire department. He knew his cooking a lot of other firefighters to rejoice. He even put out a cookbook: “Cooking with the Firehouse Chef.

“In 2012 he lost his wife to cancer, leaving him the family had to take care of,” writes the New York fire department, who in a short time, two losses to handle, on Facebook.

“Keith was a great man. His children, who are as strong as stone, can the rest of their lives depend on their brandweerfamilie.”

Keith Young and his wife. “You are now in heaven together”, responding to someone on Facebook.

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