Trump wants death penalty for drug dealers

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WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump wants the death penalty to enter big-time drug dealers. According to the White House state this measure in a plan to the drug crisis threatening to spill into the US to address. Trump presents the plan Monday in New Hampshire, a state with a big drug problem it faces.

In the last few years is the use of the drug in the US has substantially increased. In 2016 died, more than 40,000 Americans on a overdose, five times as many as in 1999. Especially opiates, such as heroin and morphine, are a problem. Trump wants, for that reason, doctors this kind of narcotics less often prescribe. In three years time, the number of recipes, according to him, with a third drop.

Trump has often said that drug dealers the death penalty should be given, but it is the first time that this policy is being recorded.

A White House spokesman said Sunday night against journalists that the ministry of Justice “the death penalty will search against drug traffickers, as appropriate, under the current law.” According to Trump them with individual dealers, sometimes thousands of deaths on their conscience.

The U.s. Congress has recently six billion dollars available to the drug crisis threatening to spill to fight. Trump wants that money to use for prevention and education through a large scale advertising campaign and to those addicted to work, to help.

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