Trump wants a death penalty for largest drugsmokkelaars

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Smugglers large amounts of drugs across the U.s. border, will now back the death penalty to risk. President Trump hopes the drug problem in the US to curb.

That is a plan that the president today, Monday will propose. A White House spokesman has, however, a number of the most remarkable things there, all explained. The plan contains three parts: reducing the number of prescribed legal opiates, cutting off the flow of illegal drugs and the focus on better care and withdrawal for addicts. The parliament recently got 6 billion dollars for the fight against drugs, and the plan makes clear where that money is now going.

So will first responders be equipped with medication for an overdose with opiates can counter, but will also tougher action against drug dealers and smugglers. In addition, Trump the Congress to the restrictions of Medicaid with respect to drug addicts to reduce.

Singapore as an example

That Trump, a supporter of the death penalty for drug smugglers, had been known for, but now want the president there really work. ‘The ministry of Justice, the death penalty requirements for drug smugglers, as it applies under the current legislation, ” said White House representative Andrew Bremberg. Also dealers would be stricter penalties. The spokesman clarified that the aim is to keep the smuggling of drugs such as fentanyl, and not the cultivation of some wietplanten in the home garden.

Earlier this month, said Trump in Pennsylvania all about his plan. He claimed that a drug dealer responsible for ‘2.000, 3.000, 5.000 murders’, but not if a murderer is punished. “Thousands of people are being killed, or their lives are devastated. So you can get thousands of people to kill, and for thirty days the cell is in need, ” said Trump. He referred to the approach of the drug problem in Singapore. “That means: if we have a drug dealer to pick up: death penalty’.


The goal is also the amount of opiate that is prescribed with a third party to reduce in three years time. This will include a national database be established in which all rules are included, to get an overview of the people that multiple rules apply.

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