To this singer listen vrachtwagenschauffeurs preferably

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Dutch truck drivers sing along the way, preferably out of full chest along with Andre Hazes senior.

The Late André Hazes

Also the hits of James and the BAND are popular singalong songs in the truck cabins. That made Xander de Buisonjé Monday, known during the kick-off of a national recruitment campaign for drivers in Gilze.

The study, commissioned by the Sectorinstituut Transport and Logistics took almost six hundred truck drivers part. Music plays for a lot of truck drivers have an important role; 82 percent of the surveyed drivers, shows that they are on the go, always listening to music. Radio is with 91 percent of the most commonly used way to do that.

Other artists and bands in the top 10 with who drivers like to sing are Guus Meeuwis, Marco Borsato, Queen, Henk Wijngaard, Normal, Golden Earring and john Smith.

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