The Roots had a show cancel by bomb

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The police of Austin has a Saturday late in the evening, a man picked up, possibly related to a bomb alert. By the threat of the bomb had to The Roots of their show Saturday to cancel at the South by Southwest festival in Texas.

Questlove, drummer of The Roots

The report was done by Trevor Weldon Ingram (26). He would, according to Page Six, the Live Nation Music Saturday afternoon e-mailed with the notification that a bomb was laid on the stage a Fair Market. The police did search and found nothing threatening, but the sponsor of the show wanted the event for the safety of the public, yet to cancel. That happened, however, only when there is already a crowd had gathered and the show was about to begin.

Meanwhile, the police Ingram tracked down and arrested. He is ’making a terrorist threat is’ charged. It turned out to be an isolated incident, let the police know.

’Life risking’

The South by Southwest festival began on 9 march and lasts until this Sunday. It is a wide-ranging music festival that also focuses on interactive media and film. At the time of the threat tweeted Roots drummer Questlove that they will occur, unfortunately, had to cancel because of a ’serious emergency’. “We can’t say much about, but for those in Austin who stand in line for us tonight: the show is cancelled. There is yet an official announcement, but I save you prefer to go to the trouble of standing in line.” These tweets, however, were again within twenty minutes.

This Sunday defends Questlove of their choice, to say again in response to criticism from fans: “No more Mr ‘the show must go on” than I am. But we can our lives not to risk it as we are told is that there is a bomb alert is done.”

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