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The hot zondagavonden on tv

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Four moves The mole to Sunday at 20.30 hours, to get away from the maandagse Blind married . Oh so? Then put VTM Farmer wants a wife, that first time, on Thursday, stood, also on Sunday. But about 20 hours, haha! O yes? Then put Four The mol also to 20 hours, náh. When One changes there on Sunday night, nothing in the programming. Quiet steadiness, it is called.

1.944.400. So many people looked on 5 march 2017 to Travel Waes, the best viewed programme of 2017. Reizen Waes ran on Sunday night on One. The best viewed fiction series of last year was Beau séjour

1.944.400. So many people looked on 5 march 2017 to Travel Waes, the best viewed programme of 2017. Reizen Waes ran on Sunday night on One. The best viewed fiction series of last year was Beau séjour. 1.536.200 viewers followed the episode of January 8. That was also a Sunday. Also viewed was the reboot of The three wise men with Kobe Ilsen as a presenter. On april 23, took that 1.459.800 viewers. You never guess what day the 23rd april.

Take some quizzes genre Two to the sixth power and Calmness can save you and you know: Sunday night is the exclusive domain of One. That’s been around for years. The commercial channels show that last night of the week.

Sometimes they use the excuse that investing in the zondagprogrammatie no sense. Advertisers would not be interested in the Sunday evening, because of the purchases of the week. You could also argue: the day after start again the purchases of the following week.

So that is a fallacy, it is merely this: the sop is for the commercial channels, the cabbage not worth it, on Sunday evening the public broadcaster, unapproachable. The Sunday tv viewer is a creature of habit, he would even go to One to keep watching if nethoofd Olivier Goris decide only the test pattern to transmit.

The Sunday is the new Monday

There now seems to suddenly change. In recent years, raged, the competition between Eén, VTM and Four at its fiercest on Monday night. Last year even particularly hard: with Pitch 24/7, Blind, married , and The mole were three of the most watched programs directly opposite each other.

There was The mole, oddly enough, the biggest victim of: it looked just a little less people live to Four then to One and VTM, while you would expect that the format of The mol, and the commotion on social media after every episode, just the most requires live view.

“We have not only, therefore, decided The mole to move to Sunday night,” says Kristof Demasure, spokesperson of SBS, the company behind the stations Four and Five. ‘The move also fits in with our recent strategy to on the weekend to invest in your own programs, and that site is no longer on the public broadcaster.’

“Sports late night there was the first step in, with the summaries of the matches from the Jupiler Pro League. Now we’re bringing that same evening The mole, and then Café de mol, in the fall we bring in the weekend with our own version of Dancing with the stars.’

Bedtime for small molletjes

A precise starting time for The mole was never officially communicated, but everyone went out of 20.30 hours. At that hour began The mole used to be on Monday, and it seemed the logical starting time in the current program schedule of Four.

It Is, therefore, that VTM hastily decided Farmer wants a wife – around the world at 20 o’clock on Sunday night? The new ‘international’ episodes of that realityprogramma, in which five foreign farmers to go in search of a Flemish woman, would initially on Thursday to be broadcast, but VTM has decided to play on the set of Four.

“We have, indeed done to our Sunday evening to strengthen competition also invest on Sunday,” says Sara Vercauteren, spokesperson of Medialaan. “It is a program of half an hour, at half past nine we are sending a film out of it.’

Four felt perhaps the storm already in place. As VTM’s winners Farmer wants a wife leaves something runs late, then they miss a lot of viewers to the start of The mole. The best thing you can do is The moles of radically opposite Farmer wants a wife , up to 20 hours.

According to Demasure played mainly something else in that decision. ‘The mole has in previous seasons, a young kijkpubliek know to attract, ” he says. “Many of the youngest viewers were able to end the program, not experience, because that is after their bedtime came. We are to meet by to 20 hours to start. So strange, this is in fact not: the first seasons of The mole on One, fifteen years ago, began also to 20 hours. We adjust ourselves so not to VTM.’ He adds there are still subtly: ‘We regard it as a compliment that the leader in the Flemish commercial tv is up to us to adapt.’

The comfort of the viewer

Of that auction threatens One now to become the victim. There is up to 20 hours, the Dutch reality tv series Crowds at the zoo programmed. Kijkcijferkanon The three wise men starts at 20.30 hours. Or fit One programming also? “There is no question’, says spokesman Hans Van Goethem. “We go out of our own strength. Our main concern is in addition to the comfort of the viewer. At the very last moment to move programs contribute not to this.’

That is quoted. That leaves the following question. Farmer wants a wife – around the world on tv counts for the time being but two episodes, in which the foreign farmers are proposed. The program only really starts in the fall. What does VTM than two weeks versus The mol program? It is not Love for music, so reports our VTM, and also not Boxing stars. What then? This allows Medialaan, for the time being not in the cards look.

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