’The Crown-actor Matt Smith must salarisverschil donate’

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The Crown-star Matt Smith would be the difference in salary between him and his tegenspeelster Claire Foy should donate to the Time’s Up-move. That find at least the already more than 22,000 people signed a petition following the news that Smith was in the series more earned than Foy.

The Crown-stars Matt Smith and Claire Foy.

Last week gave producers The Crown that Foy, who is the British queen Elizabeth portrays in the popular Netflix series, paid less got. Smith, who played the role of prince Philip took upon himself, deserved more because he was already known thanks to his role in Doctor Who. From the third season is the salary of the ’sovereign’ corrected. “From now on, no-one gets paid more than the Queen”, promised creative director Suzanne Mackie.

Salarisverschil is a growing topic of discussion within the Time’s Up-move. Previously collapsed Mark Wahlberg all the 1.5 million dollars he received for the reshoots of the film All The Money in the World to Time’s Up after the fuss about the height of the amount. Wahlbergs tegenspeelster Michelle Williams received only $ 1,000 for the heropnames.

The Time’s Up-move is an initiative of more than three hundred women from the entertainment business. It is a fund from which legal fees of the less privileged and victims of sexual abuse will be paid.

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